The Fanvil XU Series

The launch of the Fanvil XU Series has arrived! With a whole new range of updated Fanvil devices, the XU Series will not fail to impress. These devices offer a rich VoIP experience with updated features and advanced technology!

Updated Features – What’s New?

The Fanvil XU Series IP phone range replaces the XS Series range with newly improved technology.

The new Fanvil XU series encompass modern communication technology taking the market by storm! With many updated features, these phones tick the boxes of VoIP requirements for a superb user experience. The Fanvil XU IP phones offer newly improved Harmon speakers and Opus codec for HD audio. Their re-designed moulds for a more elegant design makes them a perfect fit for modern offices. These devices have large high-resolution colour display LCD’s with additional on screen DSS keys creating a user-friendly interface for easier operation.  Moreover, these devices have BLF support across all phones.

Fanvil’s devices offer great value for money. The new XU Series are of excellent quality with a range of advanced features to fit customers needs and expectations. All Fanvil phones have support for EHS wireless headset. From the Fanvil X4U, the phones have Wi-Fi support (via a Wi-Fi dongle)  and from the Fanvil X5U, integrated Bluetooth.

Please refer to the Fanvil product page to learn more about the features each device offers. To take advantage of the new Fanvil XU phone series, contact your UK distributor.

A Simple Comparison – XU Series vs XS Series 

Ever wondered what the Fanvil XU Series offers that the Fanvil XS Series doesn’t?

  • Harmon speakers + Opus codec
  • On screen DSS keys
  • Re-designed moulds for more elegant design
  • Upgraded specifications

 The Fanvil XS Series phones are still fully supported by Fanvil and will continue to be supported when new firmware versions are released